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Sweat tip # 5 Stress under control

Stress can have a annoying influence on your body and your performance. It impacts your work, your relationship and is also a key stimulator for causing sweat. Apply self-reflection and evaluate the impact of stress on sweating. Think about:
  • » presentation for large audience
  • » interviews
  • » being outside your comfort zone
  • » time pressure

Being sensitive for stressful moments, makes you sweat. With out iontophoresis machine you can influence the sweat production but another angle could be to keep your stress better in control. Stress management is about:
  • » self confidence
  • » focus on priorities
  • » relax tips
  • » create your ideal working environment
  • » communication tips

Stress caused by sweat Sweat caused by Stress

Step away from the vicious circle where stress and sweat bring you in a negative direction. Learn how to coop with stress and feel more comfortable by adapting big wins such as:

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