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Sweat tip # 4 Aroma diffuser

You like a fresh aroma every day. Most people prefer to use a perfume fragance although a PH neutral deodorant protects better against sweat. You could also consider:
There is a wide range of aroma blends that you can select. We recommend a fresh aroma with a positive effect on anti stress. A 100% natural aroma made from etheric oil. Don't exaggerate with too intense smell. We promote aroma diffuser with a proven technology that spreads the aroma all around the room in a balanced way. Product benefits:
  • » light fresh aroma made of etheric oils
  • » blend mix with high level of lemon
  • » balanced aroma distribution in the room
  • » no eye catcher
  • » no loud sound

Aroma diffuser for less stress

A nice smell in your office or at home reduces stress about your smell. It makes you feel more comfortable. Besides, etheric oils with Lavendel have proven to be relaxing people. This can prevent you from heating up your body.

Tip 5 Stress protection Iontophoresis