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Iontophorese machine against sweat

The Ozo Ozo iontophorese machine is your solution to stop excessive sweating. Rent our easy to use machine for 4 weeks and experience at home the iontophoresis effect. When you are satisfied you can buy the device (Try & Buy action). You probably tried dozens of anti perspirant products. And wish to avoid medical intervention. iontophoresis is a perfectly safe and painfree treatment against:

Iontophorese action

Before buying our iontophorese machine we give you the opportunity to rent it for 4 weeks. About 80% of our customers buy our digital device after proven satisfied results. Within 2-3 weeks you feel out to what extent the iontophorese machine reduces your sweat. The package includes:
  • » Ozo Ozo iontophorese machine
  • » 4 weeks rental at 59,- + transportation costs
  • » service support via e-mail
  • » rental costs are balanced when you buy the product

Iontophorese machine product features

The Ozo Ozo iontophorese machine is produced with CE certification and ISO 13485 quality standard. It is developed for self service treatment. We find it important to make the product easy to use with 1 single button and a digital display. The user can select the iontophorese program settings such as:
  • » time
  • » sound
  • » change poles
  • » mA intensity
  • » current limit
  • » control mode: automatic or manual

Made in Europe with modern technology and strict safety measures. At a price of only 459,- incl. VAT excl. transportation costs.

The solution against sweat

Sweating is an annoying problem. It makes people uncomfortable. You need to wash and buy new clothes. It makes you unsecure when meeting people. It is time you once and for all solve this issue. Iontophorese is an effective treatment that you can implement at home any time you like.