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Experience our iontophoresis machine when you face problems with excessive sweating. Iontophorese is a perfectly safe treatment that you can implement at home. A treatment with a low electric current on your sweat hotspots. It reduces the sweat transport of the limbs. The digital iontophorese machine provides programs with an automatic change in polarity. You simply put your hands or feet in the water tray and get started.

Iontophorese machine package:
  • » a digital iontophoresis machine (CE medical devices / ISO 13485)
  • » electrodes & cables
  • » water trays for hands and feet
  • » applicator for sweaty armpits
  • » manual about our iontophorese machine
  • » rechargeable batteries
  • » 459,- incl. VAT excl. delivery costs

Iontophoresis step 1 Information

You can ask us all kinds of questions about iontophorese, preferably by e-mail. You can also visit your dermatologist, doctor or physio for a consult. Also read our article "why do we sweat?"

Iontophoresis step 2 Treatment

As a start it requires daily treatment of 20 minutes during 2 weeks. In the beginning it is important to put the right program settings. Especially setting the current level is important. And personal; some users can be treated with a higher mA than others. About 80% of our users benefit from iontophorese. When you choose to first rent the product for 4 weeks, you will experience if iontophorese works for you.

You can treat the following body parts with our iontophorese machine:

Iontophoresis step 3 Maintenance

After the 2 weeks basis treatment you can step by step decrease the frequency towards:
  • » 2x per week
  • » 1x per week
  • » 2x per month
  • » 1x per month

You will recognize yourself what would be the ideal frequency. With a balance between iontophorese frequency and effect.

Iontophorese treatment Products benefits