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Iontophorese machine to treat sweaty armpits

Do you suffer from sweaty armpits? Iontophorese is an effective treatment against excessive sweating. Try our iontophorese machine at home and reduce the sweat production significantly. Within 2 weeks you will notice if iontophoresis works for you.

Our standard iontophorese set is delivered with 2 watertrays to treat sweaty hands en sweaty feet. The armpit electrodes with wrappings are an extra accessory at only 39,-.
  • » make the wrappings wet with water
  • » put the wrappings around the electrodes
  • » connect the electrodes with the iontophoresis machines
  • » put the correct settings (time, max current)
  • » put the wrappings (with electrode plates inside) between your armpits
  • » push start button
  • » adjust mA current higher or lower

Info about iontophorese

Discomfort with sweaty armpits

It is no longer needs to feel uncomfortable about yourself. Iontophoresis can solve your sweaty armpits, such as wet spots, yellow marks ,stress and an unpleasant smell. Feel clean. Feel confident and succeed during important moments such as:
  • » interviews
  • » presentation
  • » relationship / intimacy

Solutions for sweaty armpits

Well you obviously tried all kinds of deodorants, creams and other tips. Be careful that it don't lead to a sensitive or painful skin. We recommend to try the following solutions against sweaty armpits:

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