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Iontophorese machine

With our iontophorese machine you can effectively treat excessive sweating. Within 2-3 weeks you start noticing the effect of lower sweat production. Order our iontophorese machine and we deliver it on your location in Europe. The first 4 weeks we mark as a rental period. This means you can try our iontophoresis machine for 4 weeks at only 59 + transportation costs. After this rental period you decide whether to buy or return the product.

In the manual you can read all information about our iontophorese machine. Furthermore, our customer service team gives you tips about duration, frequency, mA intensity and usage questions. Our set focuses its' treatments on the 3 major hotspots:

Key benefits of our iontophorese machine

Our digital iontophorese machine is equipped with advanced modern technology. All kinds of safety procedures are included to enable our clients to use iontophoresis at home. You can easily setup your automatic controlled program by putting your settings such as (time, max current, control, sound, polarity). We deliver excellent quality at a discount price of only 439,- (+transportation costs). Product features of our iontophoresis machine:
  • » CE quality mark
  • » ISO 13485 quality norm made in Europe
  • » compliance to international certification standard for iontophoresis
  • » easy to use digital display
  • » water tray for feet and hands
  • » armpit electrodes for iontophoresis of armpits (extra option 39,-)
  • » 24 months warranty
  • » adjustable current with variance in polarity
  • » good price
  • » click here for full product specs


» Ozo Ozo digital iontophoresis machine € 459,- incl. VAT
» Set armpit electrodes and wrappings € 39,- incl. VAT
» Water trays inclusive
» Silicon cover: yellow / red / blue / grey inclusive
» Transportation costs Depends per country

Rent an iontophoresis machine

You can first try our iontophoresis machine before you buy. Conditions:
  • » Rent for 4 weeks 59,- incl. VAT + transportation costs
  • » After 4 weeks you can cancel and return or buy the set
  • » When you buy you balance the payment with your first payment for the rental costs ( 459 - 59 rental costs + transport)


We like to pay attention to the manual. Iontophoresis is not suitable for:
  • » people with any electrical stimulators
  • » people with a pacemaker or cardioverter-defibrillator
  • » pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • » women with intrauterine devices (IUDs) containing metal components
  • » people with metal replacements or implants
  • » people with higher hand and foot skin sensitivity
  • » people with polyneuropathy
  • » young children

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