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Sweat Tip #2 Clothes

There are six influencers you should take into account when you select your clothes while having sweat problems:
  • » fabrics
  • » colour
  • » thickness
  • » spare shirt
  • » armpit pads
  • » self esteem confidence


Synthetic fabrics such as Polyester are artificially made. You will notice you sweat more in synthetics clothes compared to natural fabrics such as Cotton, Linen, Viscose or Bamboo. Especially Bamboo is trending.


Sweating is a process to cool down your body from overheating. Think about tropical weather, fever, etc. So it is wise to wear relatively thin clothes that keep your temperature relatively cool.


The colour of your clothes plays an important role to hide sweaty armpits or fluids on your back / chest. A lightblue shirt might be exactly your colour but it is extremely difficult to hide fluids. On a white shirt you don't see the spots so easily but then again you notice the yellow sweat spots after a while. That's why we recommend to think about dark blue, dark green, dark grey or black.

Armpit pads

Thin armpit pads can help you to keep your clothes dry. You can buy them as seperate units or buy clothes where they are already included by the manufacturer. Not all armpit pads are invisible and stay on the right spot. Though we do favour exchangeable armpits, for a cleaner and durable nice shirt.


Being confident about your clothes, helps you to reduce stress. Stress can warm up your body and can fuel sweating. So we recommend to wear clothes where you feel confidence.

Clothing is to some extent important but it will not heal you from excessive sweating. We recommend to select suitable clothing and in parallel reduce your sweat production with treating with our iontophoresis machine.

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