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Iontophoresis treatment to fight sweat

Before you get started with the iontophoresis machine we recommend to read the manual carefully. And you can also send your questions to us by e-mail. If you prefer more personal support you could also ask a physiotherapist for a series of iontophoresis treatments.

We supply iontophoresis machines with CE certificate for medical products and we work according ISO 13485. It is a completely safe product that works on rechargable batteries that produce a low current of max 20 mA.

Iontophoresis treatment of sweaty hands and feet

You place the electrode plates in the 2 water trays and connect the cables to the iontophorese machine. You fill the trays with water and set the program on your personal settings:
  • » current mA
  • » control: automatic or manual
  • » duration: e.g. 20 minutes
  • » sound

Then you simply place your hands or feet into the tray as shown in this picture. The iontophoresis machine provides a low current through water. We recommend to apply the automatic program of 20 minutes. Then after 10 minutes the system automatically switches the polarity from + mA towards mA. The higher mA you choose the more incitement you feel. For the user it is the task to find out the most suitable intensity without getting feelings of discomfort. After the treatment you simply pull back your hands or feet out of the water basket.

Iontophoresis treatment of sweaty armpits

Instead of the water tray this iontophorese treatment works with armpit electrodes. Before you start you remove the wrappings around the electrodes and make them soaking wet. Then you place the wrappings again around the armpit electrodes, connect it with the iontophoresis machine, and get started with the treatment.

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