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Iontophoresis machine to treat sweaty feet

Benefit from the positive effect of iontophoresis on your sweaty feet. Experience our iontophoresis machine and reduce heavily sweating on hands, feet or armpits. Sweaty feet, you can't stop it but it can become a serious problem causing:
  • » stinky smell
  • » you need new socks and shoes
  • » discomfort
  • » slippery feeling when walking or running

Iontophoresis is a highly effective treatment against sweaty feet. We deliver the iontophoresis machine as complete set. You place your feet in the water trays and begin the treatment. The electric current and polarity change delivers an impulse to the limbs in a way that it reduces the sweat transport.

Treat sweaty feet effectively

Sweaty feet create an incredible irritation. All day you walk and stand on your feet. And at night you take off your shoes and experience an incredible unpleasant smell. Act on it! And get started by treating your excessive sweating with our iontophoresis machine.

Contact us for more information about our iontophoresis machine. We deliver the device and by e-mail we give advice how to choose the right settings.

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