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Rent an iontophoresis machine

We give you the opportunity to rent an iontophoresis machine during 4 weeks before you actually make your buying decision it. On average after 2-3 weeks you will experience the effect of iontophoresis on your sweating. After the 4 weeks rental period you can return the set or buy it. You simple evaluate the improvement and make a decision:
  • » buy the iontophoresis machine
  • » rent longer
  • » return the product

Iontophoresis device Rental conditions:

  • » 1 iontophoresis set with supplies for your treatment
  • » insured logistics with track & trace coding
  • » rental period 4 weeks (you can extend to 8 weeks)
  • » costs: 59,- incl. VAT + 19,- transportation (within Europe)
  • » multilingual service support (e-mail / whatsapp / phone)

After the rental period you can:

  • » buy our product, then we balance your rental costs with the actual purchase costs
  • » return our product

Contact us to rent an iontophoresis machine. And find out if iontophoresis works for you. Be smart and first try before you buy. We have a major stock of iontophoresis machines for rent.