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Why do we sweat?

Look in the mirror and analyse your sweat problem. Ask yourself:
  • » on what moments / circumstances do you face excessive sweating?
  • » on what parts of your body do you sweat most?
  • » key factors that cause your sweat production?
  • » when did you start facing these problems of excessive sweating?

Many people sweat a lot, without a health or behaviour problem. Though, some sweating can also be caused by influencers such as:
  • » bad physical condition
  • » overweight
  • » stress
  • » feeling uncomfortable (being outside your comfort zone)
  • » synthetic clothes
  • » pain or back problems
  • » fever
  • » hot climate

Our iontophoresis machine is the perfect tool to solve your sweat problems. In parallel we recommend to also work on the source that creates your sweat.

Iontophoresis how does it work?