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Iontophorese machine to treat sweaty hands

Benefit from the positive effect of iontophorese on your sweaty hands. Experience our iontophorese machine and stop extreme sweating on hands, feet or armpits. Sweaty hands can become a major problem for social matters, work and sports. Let's put some practical situations where our clients have benefit from iontophoresis:
  • » you avoid shaking hands
  • » objects slip out of your hand (work / sports)
  • » you cannot hide your hands
  • » objects you touch get sweaty too
  • » stress by sweat and sweat by stress

Treat sweaty hands for a more comfortable life

Hands are a crucial part of your body. You need them all day. It is practically undoable to ignore sweaty hands. There are only a few solutions to overcome excessive sweating. We recommend you to treat your hands with our iontophorese machine.

Iontophorese treatment for hands

Experience iontophoresis against sweaty hands. We deliver a complete set ready to use. You place your hands during 20 minutes in our water tray with electrode plate on the bottom. The electrodes with low current reduce the sweat production. First, you need to treat your hands on a daily basis during 2 weeks. Then, you can reduce the frequency gradually. Yes, it does take time in the beginning but you gain your happiness and comfortable body back.

With this tray you can also treat you sweaty feet.

Iontophoresis machine info