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Sweat tip # 3 Armpit pads

Factors that matter when you buy your armpit pads:
  • » disposable armpits or clothes with (washable) fixed armpit pads
  • » fabrics such as hypo allergenic
  • » size (functionality versus invisibility)
  • » how does it stick?
  • » effect on sweaty armpits

First of all we find it important that you don't feel the armpit pads. It makes people uncomfortable when it does not fit or stick well. It can even cause more sweat production when you feel uncomfortable. A good armpit pad should feel soft and invisible.

Disposable or clothes with washable armpit pads

We do favour disposable armpit pads. This enables you to use it on any clothes that you like to wear. It feels cleaner when you use a new pad every day. Clothes with washable armpit pads often gets filthy looks after a while or the pads get visible. Our recommendation is:
  • » thin hypo allergenic armpit pads
  • » stick them on your clothes
  • » Bamboo / 100% cotton clothes
  • » clothes preferably made with space to stick the armpit pad
  • » invisible look

Benefits of using armpit pads:

  • » it covers your sweat spots around the armpits
  • » cleaner shirts
  • » longer use of shirts
  • » more confidence

Take into account that armpit pads don't stop sweating or the smell. For an effective treatment please experience our iontophoresis machine.

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